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Be the best you can be

At First Parallel North we passionately support Entrepreneurs and Senior Business Leaders.

Our goal is to help you continually “Show-Up” at your best every single day.

Whether you have achieved success in your business or are striving towards that, we know that true fulfilment is not a performance metric and we are helping a select group of business professionals unlock their true potential.

We offer a hybrid approach of personal and professional development to drive performance that is always ‘bespoke’ to your own specific needs.

Be the best you can be

“To double your income and success, triple your investment in personal development and professional mastery.” – Robin Sharma

Business Growth Consulting

Ready to grow?

We know this is an exciting time in any business, but it can be fraught with uncertainty.

Having a support through this period can help you spot opportunity and avoid pitfalls on this road well-travelled.

We help you accelerate your journey, maximise the boundless opportunities and minimising the risk that a growth journey offers.

Our solutions are always specifically designed to your needs. We help you strategise, plan, and achieve your desired results.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Established businesses in growth phase, business development or those looking to grow sales. Or businesses looking to grow market share, enter new markets or launch new products etc

“Play by the rules but be ferocious.”
— Phil Knight, founder, Nike

“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.”

— Michael Jordan

Elite Performance Coaching (EPC)

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
– Deepak Chopra

Are you achieving your true potential?

Every great sportsperson or team has a coach so why is this so uncommon in business and / or life?

Our Elite Performance Coaching (EPC) program is a highly personalised hybrid approach of both business and personal coaching to help you unlock your true potential.

Whether you are highly successful and are looking for that extra 1 or 2% or whether you are striving towards bigger goals and need support; the guidance of an experienced coach can help you unlock the next level (or many levels).

WHO IS THIS FOR: Anyone who wants to unlock their full potential. Business leaders looking to take themselves and their businesses to the next level. Professionals feeling successful but unfulfilled. Aspiring leaders with strong personal drive and lofty goals.

Strategic and Tactical Consulting

Do you look at the GPS map and listen to the directions too?

Every successful business has both a well thought out strategy but also must have a solid tactical plan.

We vastly over-estimate what can be done in a week but we vastly under-estimate what can be done in a year. Absolute clarity on where you want to go combined with the understanding of how to navigate that journey is the key to success.

Finding this balance while running the day to day can be challenging. We can help you drive efficiency and effectiveness by tweaking your tactical execution, strategic direction, or both.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Businesses in survival mode, turn-around, stalled businesses, businesses at a cross-roads, businesses contemplating entering a new market etc.

“I spent all my time in the clouds or the dirt and that is why I think I’m successful.”

— Gary Vaynerchuk

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a gentle push in the right direction.”

– John C. Crosby


“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” – Steven Spielberg

It can be lonely at the top.

We understand how valuable an experienced and independent perspective can be when it comes to making key decisions, which happens almost daily in business.

Through our mentoring program we have supported new and experienced entrepreneurs as well as business leaders to achieve their own realisations and step forward with confidence.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Strong minded Entrepreneurs, owners, executives who need a neutral second opinion. A guiding hand, rather than a deep dive plan. A hands off / high level commitment.

Non-Executive Directorships

Are you or your business exposed?

Most businesses are specialists at what they do but many have little or no focus on the business as its own entity. This can be costly from a financial or personal point of view.

We have vast experience sitting on and running boards. An NED can help you fill the skill gaps in your business leadership team and provide the ‘detached balance’ to keep the ship steady.

Whether you need support with Finance, corporate governance, HR, business planning, Sales and Marketing or virtually any other area of business, one of our team could make a huge difference to your company performance.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Companies with small boards? Anyone looking to add structure to the business. Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Start-Ups, Partnerships & In-experienced leadership teams. Any board with no NED’s.

“A lack of knowledge creates fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage.”

— Candice Swanepoel

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

– Napolean Hill

Investments & Partnerships

Your bank might lend you money (or not), but they won’t lend a hand.

Business growth is all about investment and partnerships. We have used investors to help us grow and have invested in a substantial number of successful companies ourselves to facilitate growth or navigate challenging times.

If you need financial support / capital injection for any purpose, then we’d be happy to talk.

We take active investment positions in viable businesses across all sectors where we feel that our capital and knowledge / expertise can help increase the performance of the business.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Companies looking to grow, broaden their capabilities, scale-up, needing additional experience and support.

Corporate Advisory

Scaling-up or selling-up?

Raising Capital: If your business needs extensive financial support for whatever reason, we have a wide network who may be able to help; whether you need to raise debt capital or raise equity funds, through private investment or institutional funding.

Exit Planning: Selling or thinking of selling you business? We have been through a substantial number of exits as owners and advisors. Whether you are just starting to think about selling or if you are actively looking for buyers we can help.

Whether you are scaling-up or selling-up having the right guidance can massively affect the outcomes for your business. The wrong equity partnership can lead to years of struggle and companies that don’t prepare well to ‘sell’ almost always under achieve on their exit figures.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Businesses looking to raise significant amounts of capital for any purpose. Owners or shareholders looking to exit their business.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

— Benjamin Franklin