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The Fulfilled Entrepreneur

Short Course


“The Fulfilled Entrepreneur – an Introduction”, is a short course which will help you begin to understand what you really want and how to get it.

You will learn why ‘chasing success’ is folly and learn how to ‘step into fulfilment’ – Today.

This course could change your life in just a couple of hours.


Across Six modules, you will learn to set and achieve fulfilling goals by aligning your Motivation, Values and Purpose (MVP).  Each module is packed with activities and learnings to take back and implement in the real world and garner results – immediately.

  • Module 1 – Success? Be careful what you wish for
  • Module 2 – Fulfilment Explained
  • Module 3 – Motivation Matters
  • Module 4 – Values are Vital
  • Module 5 – Purpose is Paramount
  • Module 6 –  GET RESULTS…Set Your Own Congruent Goals

Many entrepreneurs have achieved exceptional and exponential results using this simple but brilliant methodology.

This is an introductory course to “The Fulfilled Entrepreneur” a blended learning experience derived from 1Parallel’s bespoke one-on-one programme (EPC), which is currently delivering fulfilling business growth and life changing outcomes for entrepreneurs, just like you.

We passionately believe that “The Fulfilled Entrepreneur” will enable more entrepreneurs to access this life changing methodology.

We hope you are one of them.  Buckle up and enjoy the journey.


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As the founder of First Parallel North, Andrew is delighted to add this highly personalised coaching service to 1PN’s repertoire. Andrew is committed to helping others grow and is dedicating a portion of his time into supporting an exclusive group of senior business leaders one-on-one. Will you be one of them?
Andy Shaw

Andrew is a passionate entrepreneur, critical thinker and change maker. With a track record for success, often born out of failure, he has been involved in developing dynamic leaders, from the day he took his first role in management, some 20 years ago!

His own story has contained many highs and several hard bounces (lows) but over the last decade, the exponential rate of growth Andrew found during his own one-on-one personal coaching journey has inspired him to now give back through this unique program.

A qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Andrew combines his business acumen, love for developing the human mind and scientific tools to help you achieve rapid and fundamental breakthroughs and ultimate personal and professional fulfilment.

Are you ready to break-through?


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