When people ask me what I do, I tell them…

I am ‘busy’ living my best life!

… But what does that mean?

Over the past number of years, I have been able to gain a deeper understanding on what truly motivates me, uncover my unique set of life values, and attain, hone, and master the skills required to effectively set congruent goals in line with a broader ‘life vision’.  I have utilised this holy trinity to create a wonderfully fulfilling life, which I am now ‘busy’ living.

If you are thinking that somehow, we are different; that I am lucky, don’t have the hardship you do, or God forbid I am ‘special’ in some sort of way, then I assure you that I am not.  Well, not any more special than you are.     

I haven’t seen my daughter since before Covid began (I missed birthday’s 4 and 5), she could barely string a sentence together when I last saw her, now she speaks English and Mandarin as fluently as any five (“nearly 6”) year old.  The hug she will get when I finally see her will be monumental – I must try not to crush her.

Also in that time, I lost my three biggest clients, virtually “bankrupting” my consulting business.  In another company, I employed a regional manager solely from Zoom interviews and was forced to decide whether my staff should put themselves at risk and enter covid ridden care homes. 

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, I moved back to live with my parents at the start of lockdown, to help my mum care for my beloved Dad, who was deteriorating as he suffered from dementia.  My dad, my best friend, ‘Big Al’ passed away in June of this year. 

My fulfilment hasn’t come since I have been released from the challenges I have faced; it has been there throughout. At times it was tough, often extremely emotionally and mentally challenging, frequently (according to my old model of the world) unsuccessful, but on reflection always fulfilling.

Lockdown was my convincer. 

An old version of me would have been broken, bitter and twisted, looking outside for help and when none came, I would resort to blaming anyone and everyone.  

In the last two years I have proved to myself, I can live a fulfilled life irrespective of my circumstances.  If you doubt this is possible, I urge you to read Vicktor Frankl’s book A Man’s search for meaning.  My hardship pales in comparison.

After my dad passed away, I stayed with my Mum so we could support each other through the grief.  When one day she said she was ready to ‘go it alone’ I had to fight the egoic feelings of not being wanted and I moved to London. 

Why London?  Because I wanted to.  No other reason.  I may be in Barcelona or on a beach in the Caribbean by the time you read this.  Last week, I was inspired to write this blog after my “Friday review” which I carry out each week. 

I had spent a day with clients whom I love, sharing a gorgeous lunch with them in Windsor as we crafted a new business model.  I had two other fact find calls with potential clients and agreed to start the journey with another new client the following week.  In my other business we agreed a mechanism for a new partner to join the organisation and drive growth.  Oh, and I launched my book!

Aside from this, I attended my Chinese lessons, started back at the boxing gym, met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for over a decade, saw my football team (lose) at the London Stadium and had zoom calls with my mum and my lovely daughter Sophia, who’s smile continues to thrill me every time our calls begin. 

As important as having done all these amazing things was, I had spent very little time doing things that I disliked.  Vitally this enabled me to spend some time on my own; doing the things I love doing, such as reading, listening to music/podcasts, and getting appropriate amounts of exercise, rest and recuperation. 

A truly #integratedlife.  

So, back to the original question, what is it you do?  Well, the answer is simple.  Through the medium of www.1parallel.com I am helping others set and achieve their own ‘congruent goals’ in both business and life.  We turn our backs on empty success and create a fulfilled life.  

If you’d like to know more about my work, hear from fulfilled clients or find out how you too can make this transition, do not hesitate to reach out.   

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Andrew is a passionate entrepreneur, critical thinker and change maker. With a track record for success, often born out of failure, he has been involved in developing dynamic leaders, from the day he took his first role in management, some 20 years ago!

His own story has contained many highs and several hard bounces (lows) but over the last decade, the exponential rate of growth Andrew found during his own one-on-one personal coaching journey has inspired him to now give back through this unique program.

A qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, Andrew combines his business acumen, love for developing the human mind and scientific tools to help you achieve rapid and fundamental breakthroughs and ultimate personal and professional fulfilment.

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